How to Design a Course Your Students Will LOVE (and Engage with)

Creating courses has been ALL the rave lately. Courses are being created to help people learn how to do their own canning, master their budget and gain financial freedom and even how to Design a Logo. Creating a course is tough cookies, and added to the stress of creating, you also have to worry about how to design a course your students will LOVE (and engage with). Tracy from Course Dezine gives us some tips on how to design a course that is on brand and seriously, visual eye candy.

How to Design a Course Your Students will LOVE (and Engage with)

Have you considered how your online course visually aligns with your brand? By giving your online course its own visual identity, you’ll strengthen your overall brand and help to promote your course as a separate entity amongst your tribe. You’ll also be able to promote and market your course as a product across your social media platforms.

You should plan the design and style of your course as soon as possible. Choose a style consistent with your business brand but try to give it a unique twist. Let’s take a look at ways that you can create a unique brand for your online course that will truly excite your students.

Learn how to design a course your students will LOVE & ENGAGE with! Choose the perfect fonts, color palette and elements to make your course attractive and that much more amazing. Click through for free course materials!

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