How to Design a FREE Coming Soon Page for your New Blog

I am guessing you are likely here because you are starting a new blog or business, or maybe you are in the process of re-branding or giving your website a nice revamp (woo! go you)! Chances are, you have tried to figure to which of those hundred plugins you can use on your WordPress site that 1) Isn’t Ugly 2) Isn’t more complicated than figuring out Algebra 3) Free. Sound like you?

This was me when I first started my business. I had a free download a created, a blog and social media content calendar, but my site was no where near ready to launch. I really wanted to get subscribers so that I didn’t start off on my new venture with no support, whatsoever. I think I literally tried 5 or 6 plugins and didn’t like any of them. I really didn’t think it would be THAT hard to find a Coming Soon plugin that was simple and beautiful. And then BOOM.

Literally, the very last plugin I tried was amazing. It was so easy to use, I set it up in literally 10 minutes and it was branded and gorgeous. The Coming Soon CC plugin has just enough features to make it amazing and the best part is that it’s totally free and, if you are an added bonus type of gal (or guy) I found a way to cleverly add an opt in or free download.

If you prefer having a clean and simple plugin over a bulky maintenance mode page, or have given up after hours of exhausting research on Google, I have your solution. It’s simple, and it literally will take you 10 minutes (seriously).

Learn how to design a simple and free coming soon page for your new blog or business using the free version of Coming Soon CC! Click through for a step by step!


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    • Hey Danielle you would add the freebie to your WordPress media library, or another service like Google Drive or Dropbox, and once someone signs up you can setup your email sequence in mailchimp for new subscribers so that they receive your freebie. The only downside is that the free version of Coming Soon CC doesn’t integrate automatically with Mailchimp, so you would have to manually enter each subscriber in order to generate the email. OR- like in the post, you can simply add the link to the freebie image on your coming soon page, and then add a snippet in the ‘thank you confirmation’ that says something like ‘Thanks for signing up- download your freebie by clicking the image!’ Hope that helps 🙂 Feel free to get in touch if you need some assistance!

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