SAMSUNGHi Lovelies 🙂

So this is me (and my inspiration). I am a self taught brand, blog and graphic designer but a creative since birth. I have always loved design and have finally found a way to mesh my passions with a job that I actually love. Simple and Vanessa came about after embarking on my own blog and online business ventures. I have tried A LOT of ways to make money online, through guest blogging, freelancing, Fiverr and even crowdsourcing. While these opportunities where a blessing, I just was not happy and lets be honest, the money wasn’t great.

So, I started a spiritual blog, Me Muslima, and in doing so I realized I was clueless in the world of blog design. I felt helpless and defeated, until I found an amazing designer who really inspired me, (thanks so much Najmah!) and I started to teach myself the ins and outs of everything branding. I realized that there are so many bloggers and small business owners out there who are just like I was: With little budget and big dreams. 

So, Simple and Vanessa is a place where all creatives can find what they need to improve their brand and be successful. I really love getting to know each of my clients and making personal connections with them, so I can figure out what I can do to turn their passion into a life they love. At the very least, I feel satisfied knowing that I can give someone actionable advice that will help them improve their brands and lift their blog and businesses off the ground.

Me, when I am not designing, writing, coaching or learning, I am enjoying espresso and fancy coffee drinks, feeding my inner chocolate monster and bouncing around with my energetic and goofy just over one. I love: Farmers Markets, Organic Food, Herbal Tea, and being a Muslim Woman, wife and mother.  I am often overly ambitious and take on tons of projects, because the unorganized chaos gives me a sense of purpose.

I hope you will find a comfortable place here on  my pretty lil’ space on the internet. I love to connect and collaborate, so please do find me on social, send me a note through email, I would love to get to know you and help you grow on your creative journey. Just be forewarned: I write really long, and detailed emails, (with lots of :)’s, !!!’s, and fun adjectives), and will probably try and give you tons of advice that you haven’t asked for. But hey, that’s me, and I am ok with that. 

So, lets work together. How can I help you? Are you looking to start a blog, do you want to get creative with me and style a stunning brand, or just send a message and tell me what you’re looking for. While your here, don’t forget to check out the Creative’s Corner for the BEST resources to help you blog and do business beautifully.


 Want a designer brand but can’t afford the designer price tag? This course is for you!