Why you Need a Newsletter and How to Create One on Brand

So you are starting a new blog, or have been well on your way to blogging stardom but you haven’t yet added any subscribe options to your blog or sent one newsletter. Besides, you have that nifty ‘subscribe to posts’ option, so that covers it, right? When I started my first blog, I never sent one newsletter. I gained a ton of momentum at the start and grabbed some subscribers (because I did, set up Mailchimp, go me) but didn’t send anything to my subscribers. Why? Because I had no idea what to send, and would they even care what I had to say, anyway?

When I finally decided to start sending newsletters (about a year later, gasp), can you guess what happened? Hardly any of my subscribers even opened my email and of the ones that did, only a handful actually clicked through back to my blog. The lesson I learned here is that having a subscribe option to your blog is just a start, you have to actively engage your subscribers in order to provide them with the value they signed up for. Even if your not selling anything, and just want readers to come see ya again, a newsletter is a regular what to keep in touch and grow a loyal tribe. It’s like your sending hugs and positive vibes out to all of your readers and, who doesn’t love a good hug?

It's like your sending hugs and positive vibes out to all of your readers and, who doesn't love… Click To Tweet

So now that I have (hopefully) answered the question of ‘why you need a newsletter?’ you are probably wondering what to actually send in your newsletter. Or, what service you should use. Then once that’s all figured out, how often should you send one? What in the world should you say and how long should it be? No wonder why new bloggers just decide to forgo the newsletter option, because adding that Jetpack widget for post notifications is SO much easier. In this post, you will learn all this good stuff and more, like how to infuse your brand voice into your newsletter. I also whipped up a freebie just for you with some newsletter template guides, so you know exactly where to put everything.

Have you been wondering WHY you need a newsletter? Or maybe you want to send one, but you have no idea how, or what to even say. Learn the why, what and how of all things- your newsletter


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  1. Just signed up for Mailchimp but it’s hard for me to figure everything out, sign-up forms, creating lists and how to integrate a freebie. Your post was already very helpful. Thanks a lot. I also signed up for your training.

    • Yay! I love to hear that Sandra! It took me awhile to get into the flow of things, so I thought it to be the perfect time to share 🙂 Hope you find it amazingly helpful!!

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